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Teresa Spies started making this extraordinary toffee in her home as a mom of three young boys. Four years later she has become a local success story, making and filling orders for several tons of this delectable treat each year. 

Those who have been Randee Alert participants since the beginning know that I think Cedar Street Toffee is better than any of the more famous brands sold in the US. It is the most delicate, rich and buttery I’ve ever had, and I try it everywhere. I bet anyone you give this to as a gift will be forever in your debt.

-Randee Krakauer, National Blogger


Where to even begin...I found Cedar St. Toffee at a Real Estate convention I attended where they had a sample booth and Teresa and I hit it off right away.  I was looking for "Referral" gift for my friends and family and this was instantly a perfect fit.  From the presentation of the gift wrapped box w/ my logo on it, to the way they make me feel like I'm their most important client every single time I talk to them...they have taken an approach to small business that makes myself, and my clients (who are the recipients) feel like we've won the golden ticket!  I've been in real estate for 10 years and have tried just about everything, and this is literally the first referral gift that I've given out where I immediately get a "thank you" call from my clients telling me how amazing the Toffee is and how beautifully presented to them it was...needless to say, Cedar St. Toffee gets all of my business now, no need to look any further, I've found the perfect Referral Gift!

- Henry W., Realtor

"Cedar Street Toffee evokes nostalgia – both because of the treat’s centuries-old origins and the company’s own history and mission... Cedar Street Toffee aims to transport you “to a time when front doors were left open, children ran freely and your neighbors were your great friends.” Neighbors actually inspired the company, after one left a gift of toffee on their doorsteps, prompting the pair to perfect their own recipe – a melt-in-your-mouth buttery toffee with whole almonds double-coated in chocolate and dusted with crushed walnuts." 

- Bethany Cristo, Feast Magazine (Read More)

"I had just received a 1/4 lb shipment of your toffee and I am blown away! A friend sent it to me to try out because I was craving some Enstrom toffee, and she said "I'll send you toffee that's better!" So, Kathleen sent me some and wow, she wasn't kidding. Step aside Enstrom, Cedar Street Toffee is in town and taking business. Just wanted to send a note (thought I could in the "toffee talk" tab, but couldn't) thanking you all for the great product and service. I'll certainly be getting more!!"

- Cameron M.

Thank you for making the best toffee on the planet! I am from KC and travel to the Rio Grande Valley for a few months every year. There are many people from Missouri at the RV park I stay at. I am spreading the word by giving everyone samples and telling them how to order online and where Cedar Street Toffee is located!



"I spoke with both of you ladies on Friday at the Craft Sale at the Nazarene Church. I had told you that I make toffee also, but yours was the best I had ever eaten. I bought a small bag, (which I ate in one setting) and two other bags for both of my children. I have to tell you, that once I started eating your toffee there was no stopping. One bite lead into another and another and before I knew it, my little bag was gone. Excellent Job Ladies!!!! I hope to see you again soon, for my beloved toffee."

- Sandra W.

"Ooooo, it is so good.  It's crunchy and easy to chew but not sticky on your teeth - and sooooo rich!"

- Susan P.


"Wow, this is amazing, I am hiding it from my husband and going to eat it all by myself"

- Shay C.

"Amazing toffee. Best ever for home made candy. And the ladies that are making the candy have worked very hard to perfect the recipe, handed down through the family. You cannot not eat just one piece! I have ordered some to give as Mother's Day presents."

- Darla J.


"I want this delivered daily!"

- Neil W.

"This toffee is so wonderful and I can't stop eating it!! Best toffee I've ever had!! I think you've got yourself a new customer!!!"

- Beth G. 

"It's Heathbar on CRACK!!"

- Jeff H. 

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